Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap Wedding Ideas: Ways to Save Money

Cheap Wedding Ideas: Ways to Save Money
Average price of wedding has been increasing day by day; brides are finding different creative and smart ways to money wisely and minimize their budget of wedding as much as possible. Here we discuss some cheap wedding ideas which might be helpful for you to save your few bucks.

First thing that one can do is to select off day and off month for your wedding day. However, if you choose other day like Friday night or Sunday afternoon then it will quite helpful for you to save money. Also plan your wedding in the off season like January to March. Since it is an off season, you can bargain more successfully. Most of the dealers are flexible in their pricing.

Plan your wedding venue wisely. Select such place which comes with everything. Some people think that they may save money if they have wedding at home or backyard. However in this case they have to spend money for renting chairs, tables and tents. So it will be a wise decision to choose a place with everything in place.

Be clear about your budget with decorators. Ask him to use easily available or seasonal flower for the decorations. It will cut down your decoration expenditure considerably. Also manage your guest list properly. Invite those friends and relatives with whom you really want to enjoy your day.

No one really wants cheap wedding. However, if you use such smart ways then you can make your wedding enjoyable and at the same time save some good amount that you can use for your honeymoon.

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